Marrant Adjective Agreement

April 10, 2021

Most French adjectives must match their subtantives in terms of sex and number, but there are many exceptions known as immutable adjectives. They have only an immutable form, regardless of the gender and number of nobisses they change. If words that usually belong to another part of the language are used as adjectives, they are immutable: non-adjectives. In French, adjectives should normally correspond to the nouns they change in sex and number. However, there are many adjectives that do not match – they have a unique shape that does not change to reflect gender or number of names. These are called variable adjectives. With it more an adjective for itself, even in impersonal expressions, the adjective is always immutable. French adjectives borrowed from other languages are generally immutable: ad hoca priori a prioriantitrust anti-trustbaby baby-trustistevertile cantile chartercheap cheap (poor quality)clean cleancool coolcurriculum vitae Curriculum vitae related to the design of dance music designerdestroy destroyed, trashed, wildexpress related to expresso fahrenfahrenheit Fahrenheitfree-lance freelancefun funfunky funkfurax furiousglamour glamorousgold gold (en)gore gorygratis freegroggy groggyhalal halal (in accordance with shari`a principles) hi-fi hi-fi -fihigh-tech high-techhot hot (jazz) kascher kascher indoorinuit , compared to jazzkif-kif itself, identical kitschlambda averge, typical light, low calorie caloric Marengooffset Offsetoffshore Offshoreout out of touch, (Tennis) outpeople celebritypop pop (music, art)pro forma pro formunk punkrerelcordax relaxed, informal, ugly backvoleving turnevolving select, high-class, poshsexy sexysnob snobby, snobbishsolo solosoul soul (music)sport casual, athletic (clothes, shoes)spot (economics) spot standardstand-by-stand by-by , tastelessvaudou voodoovidéo videowaterproofzen Zen Most a variable Adjjecte adapt to one of the following groups: 2) If each element has all colors, the adjectives are immutable – Not all of these types of adjectives are immutable; You`ll find more information in the lessons. French adjectives, subversives like animals, flowers, Fruits, precious stones and metals are generally immutable: amaranth amaranth (violet dark)ardois e arduargent of silver eggplant Aubergine Auburnbrique Enburnbrique Tuiles-Redcanari Kanari Engetin yellow caramel caramel caramel caramel-farm caramel-farm cherry Carmincerise cherries cook champagne colorful Champagne Champagne chocolate-brownice lemon yellow Crème-coloredeme Smaragd grungrenat Garnetindigo indigokaki khakilavande lavenderlila s lilacmarine navy bluemarron brownnoisette hazelocre ochreolive olive-greenor goldorange orangepastel pastelpervenche periwinklepie (magpie) – piebald , black and white pisistazien-greenplatin platin platin plumpuce (runs away) – red chip, saffron-coloredsaphir sap-bluesaumon salmon-pinktabac tabak brownturquoisevermillon vermilionReceptions: If the adjectives of color are altered by another adjective or a name, the adjectives are immutable: a light grey skirt skirts light grey gloves dark purple dark red-orange red-orange color of eyes blue-green blue-green eyesune car green apple green apple green flowers tomato tomato flowers red tomatoes This is a case where the agreement is useful because it gives you more details than what is available in the English translation.