Theatre Rental Agreement

April 13, 2021

c. FORCE MAJEURE: the contractual event under this agreement is cancelled due to the acts of God, war, state regulation, natural disasters, strikes, disturbances or other emergencies beyond the owner`s control. Before printing or publishing promotional materials, the tenant must submit to the Sooner Theatre Marketing Director all advertisements, promotional materials or materials for printed, broadcast, print or otherwise formatted programs intended by the tenant to promote their event. The following disclaimer must be clearly stated or indicated on all advertising, advertising and print, broadcast, web or otherwise formatted programs: “This program is not a production of The Sooner Theatre.” Non-compliance results in an infringement and may lead to the termination of the contract or a refusal to lease in the future. The tenant sends definitive evidence and/or scripts to Marketing Director Nancy Coggins on for PRIOR written authorization for the public broadcast of advertising, advertising and programs. Be paid with the return of this agreement signed to hold a date of more than 30 days. At WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties to this agreement have signed: 14. DUTIES OF LESSOR: In view of the tenant`s rental agreement, the landlord provides for the tenant`s use during the specified hours, the appropriate services, the existing lighting and sound systems, heating and air conditioning and utilities. Use price for 1 (one) rental day for the premises mentioned above at the price of 800 USD per day. Every hour on the 8 (eight) hours a day is an extra 50 USD per half hour. All additional costs incurred by the tenant will be charged after the event. The fact that the Tenant did not use all of the FACILITIES and/or SERVICES described above during the periods outlined in this Agreement does not give the tenant the right to repay and/or reduce the agreed fee. 18.

CATERING: If it is food and/or alcoholic beverages and these foods and/or beverage caterers are provided by caterers other than the lessor, the tenant agrees to use only meals and/or alcoholic beverage caterers that have been previously approved by the landlord. The tenant assumes that the agreement on these foods and/or alcoholic beverages must be concluded exclusively between the tenant and the caterer and that all information relating to these foods and/or alcoholic beverages will be agreed between the tenant and that caterer without the owner`s participation. 16. NO LIABILITY: The lessor assumes no responsibility for the losses suffered by the tenant, his representatives, his employees or the persons invited on or via the FACILITIES. The tenant agrees that the lessor is not liable for one or all of the tenant`s debts during the use and/or occupation of FACILITIES by the tenant.