As a real estate agent, you understand the undeniable value of high-quality photographs in your listings, especially in the competitive Chicago market. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this holds exceptionally true for real estate photos. When it comes to showcasing the heart of the home – the kitchen – here’s how you can guide your clients to ensure their space is primed for the best real estate photos.

8 Essential Tips To Prep Your Kitchen for Real Estate Photos

Prioritize Decluttering: Encourage homeowners to declutter their kitchen. A tidy space not only appears larger but also more inviting. Clear counters, shelves, display cabinets, refrigerator tops, and the kitchen table can make a significant difference in photographs.

Advocate for Depersonalization: Buyers should be able to envision their family in the space, so it’s essential to remove personal items. Ask homeowners to stow away magnets, calendars, family photos, and bulletin boards before the shoot.

Suggest Minimalism on Countertops: Once clutter is removed, advise clients to store everyday items, making the kitchen appear even more spacious. A carefully chosen item or two, for aesthetic purposes, can remain on display.

Emphasize Cleanliness: High-resolution real estate photos will capture even minor imperfections. Stress the importance of cleaning every nook and cranny. Backsplashes, stovetops, and sinks should all be spotless.

Highlight the Importance of Lighting: Proper illumination can elevate the look of the kitchen. Ensure all bulbs match in color and are functioning. If possible, shoots should be scheduled during times when natural light floods the kitchen.

Guide on Decor: With the day-to-day items out of the way, a touch of simple decor can enhance the kitchen’s look. A fresh bouquet or an elegant piece of art can add warmth and charm without being overwhelming.

Recommend Textile Removal: For photographs that exude luxury, suggest homeowners remove dish towels, oven mitts, and floor rugs. Remind them to hide the trash can and pet bowls as they don’t contribute positively to the photograph.

Prep the Table: The kitchen table should be an extension of the tidiness found throughout the kitchen. Advise homeowners to clear it of any personal items or miscellaneous clutter.

By helping your clients understand and implement these tips, you’ll not only be ensuring their home is showcased in the best light but also setting the standard for Chicago home photos. Remember, the effort you put into prepping for the shoot will reflect in the quality of the real estate photos, helping to make your listing stand out in the bustling Chicago market.