Matterport Virtual Tours

Capture the Best Views of Your Chicago Real Estate Listings

What Are Matterport Virtual Tours?


“Matterport” refers to the type of 3D imaging used to capture video for this type of virtual house tour. Potential buyers will be able to “walk through” the property and view it from every angle.


Why Opt for Matterport Virtual Tours?


Your Chicago real estate listings are being viewed every day through social media and on every site you list them online. Most potential buyers are shopping for homes online while sitting on their couches. Opting for Matterport virtual tours gives those potential buyers the opportunity to feel like they’re walking through the house instead of just shuffling through photos. As the agent, you can host virtual open house events with multiple properties throughout the day without having to drive to each one and set up every time.


How It Works


A Matterport virtual tour video shoot isn’t much different than our other video shoots. Since more images are usually needed, the shoot time will likely be longer. The Matterport method gives the viewer the opportunity to see every angle as they virtually walk through the property, and this means that every angle needs to be shot.


Talk over your client’s budget and schedule, then go to our scheduling page and book the services you need for the dates that your client wants. Before your shoot, prepare your client for our staff’s arrival using the guide we send to you after your appointment is made. Once the shoot is over, our experts will edit the video and get the footage to you.


The Benefits of Matterport Virtual Tours


Potential buyers for your clients’ homes want to see the property without having to leave the comfort of their couch. A 3D tour using the Matterport method allows these buyers to take their time as they tour the home in 3D. This makes them feel like they’re on the property without having to actually drive there.


If you have buyers that are shopping from out of state or far away within the same state, the Matterport 3D tour lets them view the property without having to travel there. For busy people and those with limited budgets for travel, you can use the 3D tour to pre-screen properties before they make the commitment to travel.


3D tours are great marketing tools for social media. Use video clips to entice potential buyers to click on your listings and see more about the properties.


Matterport 3D Tour Pricing


Your pricing will depend on how large the property is, and how much editing will need to be done after the photos and video are taken. A travel quote may also be necessary. Larger properties over 5,000 square feet will require a custom quote.


Why Choose FIO Creative?


Our team has full service capacity, with several photographers, videographers, and editors that will get your 3D imagine done quickly and professionally. Our founder, Tony Fiorito, has a passion for photography that he combined with a passion for architecture to build FIO Creative.


Contact FIO Creative for Matterport 3D Virtual Tours


Every detail counts when you’re setting up your Chicago real estate listings. FIO Creative also offers digital twilight photos taken at dusk, virtual staging, virtual renovation, and advanced object removal to enhance your client’s listing photos. Contact FIO Creative to discuss which services will be best for your clients and learn how we can create a custom package that meets their real estate photography needs.