Real Estate Photography

Professional, High Quality Real Estate Photography

Create Stunning Materials to Market Your Chicago Listings

Every real estate listing needs great photos to entice potential buyers. Real estate photography provides the images you need for all of your marketing needs. The professional photographers at FIO Creative know all the best angles to shoot and which photos potential buyers want to see.


Why You Need Professional Real Estate Photography


Your clients might believe that they can take a few photos themselves and that you can make them look good for a website or social media platforms. While most home digital cameras and phone cameras might be high quality, they’re just not good enough for all websites and social media.


A professional real estate photographer has the equipment needed to make sure that your client’s photos look good on every screen. The photos and videos will be sized appropriately and optimized for viewing by potential buyers on each platform.


Great photos and videos are crucial to the success of your listings. The professional real estate photographers at FIO Creative know the types of shots you need, how to get them efficiently, and how to edit the photos so they look perfect for your listings.


How Real Estate Photography Works


Meet with your client and speak with them about their budget and goals for their listing. If they expect to sell the property more quickly, they’ll be better off opting for a comprehensive real estate photography package that yields the highest quality edited photos and videos, as well as 3D tours. For a listing that can take more time to sell or a small property, a more modest package might be better.


Once you decide on the budget, go to our scheduling page and book your services at your convenience. If you need a custom quote, we will contact you promptly. After your appointment is booked, we will send you a guide to help your client get their property ready to be photographed. The better the property is prepared, the less editing will be required to finish their photos.


Our photographers will come to your client’s property with our own equipment. Most shoots take approximately 90 minutes, with video shoots and larger properties requiring additional time. In most cases, you’ll receive your edited photos and videos by 5pm the next business day. If we need more time, we will arrange that with you.


How Much Does Real Estate Photography Cost?


The cost of your client’s photos will be contingent on the amount of photos they need, the size of the property, the types of editing they need, and if they require videos of the property.


FIO Creative packages are simple and comprehensive. Ranging from $200 and up, you’re sure to find something that works for your client. If you’re unsure of the type of package your client needs, contact us and we can walk you through it.


Why Choose FIO Creative?


Our team has full service capacity, with several photographers, videographers, and editors that will take care of your real estate photography needs quickly and professionally. Our founder, Tony Fiorito, has a passion for photography that he combined with a passion for architecture to build this firm.


Contact FIO Creative for Real Estate Photography


Because every detail counts when you’re setting up your Chicago real estate listing, FIO Creative also offers digital twilight photos taken at dusk, virtual staging, virtual renovation, and advanced object removal. Contact us today to learn about FIO Creative’s services, and how we can create a custom package that meets all of your real estate photography needs.