Business Videography

Chicago Real Estate Business Videography

Showcase Your Real Estate Listing on a Grand Scale

In Chicago’s competitive real estate market, it’s vital to make a lasting impression and stand out amongst the crowd. With quality, cutting-edge business videography, our expert team at FiO Creative will assist you in formulating a videography business plan that will build your portfolio and highlight your Chicago listings with professionalism and flair.

Professional Business Videography in Chicago, IL

Advantages of Business Videography

Professional real estate photos are both effective and necessary for listings, but featuring commercial video production goes the extra mile to showcase both your property and business in the best light. Corporate videography goes the extra mile that standard photos and videos can’t reach. Even if your client believes you can achieve a decent video taken from a smartphone, we assure you that you need the proper training and education required to stand out among the rest- which, in Chicago’s current competitive real estate market, is exactly what’s needed.

Supercharge Your Brand With Video Content

The videography business is getting bigger, and you should get on board. With short and long-form videos dominating social media, corporate videography only continues to grow. That means incorporating professional video production will not only reign in more potential buyers but also show home sellers how much effort you are willing to put in to help sell their property both time-effectively and for the best price point. That’s not the only benefit business videography offers your brand, however. By investing in video content, you can benefit from:


  • Attracting new customers
  • Growing your business
  • Making your brand come to life
  • Growing leads, which ultimately turn into sales- and higher profits
  • Fostering trust with your clients
  • Building a portfolio of premium content


What We Do for Business Videography

At Fio Creative, we’re a corporate video production service for real estate businesses across Chicago, but that’s not all we do. We’re skilled at shooting and editing content through:

  • Drone photography
  • Professional real estate photography
  • Matterport virtual tours
  • 2D floorplans
  • Business videography


Our full-service capacity team is highly talented and experienced and we work consistently work with Northern Illinois’ top-producing agents to create media masterpieces. From shooting impressive angles with state-of-the-art cameras and drones to editing at top-quality and optimizing photos and videos for the web, you can count on an outstanding end result that will effectively help you sell your listing. Take a look at our portfolio to view some of the work we’ve done.


Why Choose FiO Creative?  

FiO Creative provides exceptional photo, corporate video, and multimedia services in Chicago and its surrounding areas. Our video business assists real estate agents in swiftly selling their properties through world-class, shareable content that will simultaneously help you grow your own business. We proudly feature creative shots that will emphasize the positive aspects of the property you need to sell from day through dusk and even under a starry sky, so potential buyers can easily visualize themselves in the space.


Our work has been featured in established media outlets like The Chicago Tribune and The Wall Street Journal, so you can expect top-quality results and impressive visibility when selecting FiO Creative as your business videographer of choice. Book with us today to take your real estate services to the next level, or contact us for more information.