Real Estate Photography – FAQ

Real Estate Photography FAQ for Chicago-Based Agents

FAQ for Real Estate Photography: All About Our Services

We’ve provided a highly informative real estate photography FAQ on what you can expect from our world-class services here at FiO Creative.


Q: What are the Best Real Estate Photography Practices?

A: We’ve included this in our top real estate photographs FAQs because many people don’t yet understand the importance of high-quality photo and video that captures the immediate interest of potential buyers, which is key because you have only a few seconds to make a lasting impression. Above all, professional real estate photographers know how to capture the perfect angles to accentuate the space, use professional lenses to make the rooms look more spacious, and also use professional lighting to brighten the property as much as possible, which is essential to spark interest among browsing buyers. We provide world-class photography, videography, 3D tours, and 2D floor plans.


Q: How Long Will It Take to Photograph My Property?

A: Because we’re dedicated to providing you with the highest quality work, we take about 90 minutes on average to capture the home from every one of its most flattering angles for professional photo shoots. Video shoots take up to an hour.


Q: Can the Homeowners Be Home During the Shoot?

A: Absolutely. Homeowners are more than welcome to be home when we shoot our real estate photography, as long as we don’t get them in the shot, of course.


Q: How Can I Schedule or Book an Assignment for Real Estate Photography?

A:  To book your appointment with us you can do so directly from our website.


Q: When is the Best Time to Schedule Real Estate Photography?

A: There is no best time- we can make your property listing look great all seasons of the year. The daytime is most effective at showcasing the listing as nice and illuminated, but dusk and the nighttime offer an alternative way to see the home that can intrigue potential buyers.


Q: How Much Notice Do You Need to Book My Appointment?

A: We like to accommodate emergency last-minute appointments, but we generally suggest a notice of at least four-to-five days so our team can properly prepare.


Q: How Long Will It Take to Receive My Photos?

A: Your photos will be ready at 5pm the day after the shoot.


Q: Are You Able to Travel to Take My Photograph?

A: Another frequent question we get that we had to include in our photography FAQs is if we can travel to meet clients. The question is a resounding yes, We travel throughout Chicago and these surrounding counties:

  • Cook
  • DuPage
  • Kane
  • Will
  • Kendall


Q: What Type of Real Estate Equipment Do You Use?

A: Take a look at our portfolio to get an idea of the exceptional photography and editing we produce with our state-of-the-art equipment.


Why Hire FiO Creative?

FiO Creative has the experience, dedication, and talent that it takes to stand out among the competitive Chicago market with eye-capturing photos and videos that will instantly spark the interest of potential buyers. We don’t just help agents, though. If you’re in the real estate business in or around Chicago, you can benefit from our services to build your portfolio and gain visibility online. We assist all the following clients to successfully boost their careers with quality, shareable content:

  • Real estate agents
  • Contractors
  • Interior designers
  • Professional home stagers


Get in Touch With FiO Creative

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