How to Prepare for Real Estate Photos and Video in Chicago, IL

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When you have luxury real estate, you want to show it in the best possible light. Since so many buyers start their hunt for a home or commercial property online, it only makes sense to go with a professional photographer and videographer. FiO Creative has brought together a team of photographers, videographers, drone operators, and editors that will work together to showcase your property in a way that is sure to draw attention from buyers.


Real Estate Photos and Video in Chicago at Their Finest

Until your buyer can see your listing in person, you want to give them the best possible views of your residential or commercial property, whether that is photographs, videos, or both. Our team can provide you with beautiful photos, amazing videos (including aerial footage taken with a drone), and even 3D Matterport tours. But there are a few things you will want to do before we arrive to take the photos and video.

Photography Service for Real Estates in Chicago

We Will Confirm Your Appointment by Email

After booking with us, you should receive another email within 24 hours to confirm your appointment with our photographers. (If you don’t see the email, please check the spam folder for emails from This email will include an itemized invoice and the contact information for your photographer and videographer. Of course, we know that reschedules and cancellations happen, so please give us at least 48 hours notice if we need to reschedule or cancel. If you need to reschedule or cancel less than 48 hours before the appointment, your booking fee will serve as the rescheduling or cancellation fee.

Sometimes Bad Weather Just Happens

We are able to photograph in most weather conditions. After all, we can edit the photos to give you a clear blue sky regardless of the actual weather outside. But there could be times that we have to reschedule, at no cost to you, in the event of severe thunderstorms, snow, hail, or (for drone requests) excessive wind over 15 mph. If that happens, we will contact you to reschedule at a time that works for you and your team.


Some Tips to Get the Best Quality Photos and Video

Our team includes professional photographers and videographers, but they cannot and will not move your furniture or other personal items. All property will be photographed as-is when they arrive. Therefore, we highly recommend that you have the property professionally cleaned and staged before your appointment.

Please ensure that nothing else is scheduled during the photo shoot appointment. That means no deliveries, no construction, no cleaning crews, and no buyer tours scheduled at the same time. And although we love pets as much as you do, we suggest that you keep them confined to a room that won’t be photographed, or even just taken for a walk during the appointment time. Anything going on at the property, and any additional people, will simply be a distraction that could prevent us from showing your beautiful property in the best possible light.


Your Confirmation Email Includes a Preparation Guide

When you receive your confirmation email, it will include a short PDF guide for how a homeowner or realtor can best prepare the property for the photo shoot. Please feel free to share this guide with everyone who needs to see it.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

We are all guilty of this—ever walk through your home and suddenly realize that something is sitting out, and has been sitting out for days or even weeks, but you just didn’t notice it? Especially if the property is a residence, you want to make sure that everything is cleaned up and put away before the photo shoot appointment. That means putting away all the piles of newspapers, magazines, and mail. Make all the beds and put away all exposed clothing. Completely clean items off the bathroom counters, and make sure the showers, bathtubs, and sinks are clean. Hang fresh towels in the bathroom, put the toilet lids down, and clean the mirrors. Don’t hide just the pets, but also their toys, beds, and bowls. Ensure that the kitchen is as clean and decluttered as possible—you should even remove the magnets from the fridge. Hide all those extra electrical wires, including the ones for charging phones. And make sure to clean or otherwise hide any spots on floors or furniture that might be distracting.

Step Back and Take a Long Hard Look

Prepping for the photo shoot isn’t just about removing the clutter, it is also about creating the ambience you want your buyer to see and feel. Check the pictures on the walls, and take down any that you don’t want people to see including personal photos that could identify you in the listing. Consider placing some fresh flowers in a vase, or adding a centerpiece to the dining room table. And after hiding everything in closets and drawers, be sure to close those closet doors and cabinet drawers. Just remember, you don’t want buyers to be focused on things like a dirty hairbrush in the bathroom, or a stack of dirty dishes in the kitchen—once the buyer has seen it, they cannot unsee it.

Don’t Forget the Exterior of the Property

Remember that good photos and video of your property should include exterior views as well. That means relocating the cars out of the driveway, and removing the garbage cans. Hide the bikes, the garden tools, and the hoses. Put away any pots or planters that don’t add beauty to the property. If there is a pool, make sure it looks its best—clean, without the pool toys, and with all the outdoor furniture looking nice. Think about the importance of curb appeal—start at the curb, walk the property, and make sure what you see is what you want your buyer to see. That also means removing any “for sale” signs, just until the photo shoot is complete.


Preparing for Drone Photography and Videography

If you choose to have aerial drone photos or videos, make sure the entire area looks the way you want it to look. Are there any pieces of old furniture hiding behind a fence? A Frisbee that the kids lost on the roof? Any missing shingles that you can’t see from the ground? Remember: Proper preparation leads to perfect pictures!

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