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Fio Creative’s Real Estate Photography and Videography

Why spend the money on the best real estate photography and videography possible? When you have an expensive property to market, whether you are the owner or the realtor, you want to show it off in the best light possible. Some sellers are content with a few shots taken with their cell phones—but you are likely to sell your property for far more with expert and professional photography and videography services. FiO Creative gives you the highest quality photos and most professional videography in the entire Chicago area.

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Real Estate Videography in Chicago at Its Finest

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words, and when someone is looking to buy real estate, that is especially true. And a video can be worth 1000 pictures. Until your buyer can see the property in person, you want to give them the best possible opportunity to view the home or office online. A professionally-created video, with flow and movement, allows your buyer to feel like they are walking up the front sidewalk, through the front door, and actually touring the property. Video helps the viewer get a better feel for the layout, the views, the lighting—everything that factors into a decision to buy. We can even include video from a drone that helps complete the conceptual understanding of how the property fits into the community. Plus, we can also build a Matterport Tour for you, which is a three-dimensional interactive video animation of the property.

A Professional Video Makes the Right Impression

A professional video of your property makes the impression you want to make. Imagine that you are looking at an elegant outfit hanging on a rack in a high-end store, then picture the same elegant outfit hanging on a rack in a thrift shop. There is a perception that one is more valuable than the other, even though they are the same outfit. The same thing happens when a buyer is looking at a high-quality video of a luxury property on the website of a high-end realty office. Why not use that to your advantage?

A Professional Video Brings in the Right Buyer More Quickly

A professional video can show your buyer the best features of your property. In fact, that video could push that buyer from merely being interested in the property to wanting to see it right away. On the other hand, your video can also help buyers who are looking for something different figure it out quickly, before you invest your time on a false lead.

Why Choose FiO Creative for Your Videography Needs?

We have expert videographers, drone operators, editors, and production staff—the finest in the Chicago area. Our turnaround time is generally just three to five business days. And you will have an amazing video ready to post on a realtor’s website, on social media, or to simply text or email to someone. Our videographers are also Zillow-certified, so we can upload your video as the first image in your listing. This is a fantastic way to increase views, as an embedded video always gets more views than listings with just a video link.

We Have Affordable Services for Every Budget

Our pricing guides are transparent—there are never any hidden costs to surprise you later on. And if you are selling a building with multiple units, we have special pricing for that as well. Want a little extra with your photos, like sunrise or twilight views? We can do that, too! In fact, our editing experts can even remove an object from a photo after the fact if you realize there is something you don’t want someone to see.

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We want to work closely with you, your properties, and your budget to provide you with the best photography and videography in the Chicago area. Give us a call, or use our online contact form. Our staff will collaborate with your team to shine the best possible light on your residential and business real estate!