Virtual Staging for Real Estate Photos

Helping Chicago Real Estate Agents Improve Their Listings

Virtual staging is all about helping potential home buyers picture themselves in a new space. Instead of listings looking empty and lackluster, we can digitally craft the perfect homey scene. At FiO Creative, we help real estate pros make dream homes come to life on screen, letting clients truly feel a connection to a space before they step in. Imagine helping buyers see their future in a home with just a click – that’s the magic we bring to the table!

How Does Virtual Staging Work?

Virtual staging home services are effective for everyone involved. We take the high-quality real estate photography we shot at your listing and seamlessly insert contemporary furniture, plants, and decor—all digitally while we edit our work—to enhance the space to its maximum potential so we can appeal to the highest number of potential buyers as possible. Better yet, we can also remove unwanted clutter and decor, so potential buyers aren't distracted by a difference of taste or aesthetics.

The Top Benefits of Virtual Staging  

Home staging virtual services offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Faster sales
  • A higher ROI than traditional staging
  • Better sales profits and commissions
  • A higher pool of interested buyers


What’s in Store for the Future of Virtual Staging

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual staging has held the main stage in the real estate world, and thanks to its convenience and affordability it doesn’t look like it will be fading out anytime soon. Regardless of whether you are a real estate agent, seller, professional stager, or more, you can most definitely benefit from the cutting-edge tool and add it to your portfolio.

Virtual Staging vs Real Staging

With traditional staging, you’ll need to hire a professional to physically come to the location of the listing and assess the space by measuring each room and taking photographs. They’ll coordinate a day to bring the accurately sized rugs, furniture, and decor to the space. The process takes several days and requires the seller to invest their time and money. Virtual staging only involves taking photos of a room before creating a virtual version of a room that’s in tip-top shape.


Pros and Cons of Virtual Staging

Not all clients want to convert to a virtual staging service, and we understand why. We’ve weighed out the pros and cons below so you can consider for yourself what would work best for you:



  • Using virtual staging furniture is easier for the seller because they don’t need to rent it out.
  • Virtual staging offers potential buyers a great way to envision themselves in the space, even if just online.
  • Turnaround time is faster with virtual staging.



  • If virtual staging is not done correctly, it can sometimes look fake.
  • While Chicago allows virtual staging, not all MLS markets allow it, so agents outside the region should confirm before moving ahead with the project.


At FiO Creative, we’ve successfully helped real estate agents sell hundreds of homes, and we’d love to work with you next. Our talented team is dedicated to providing you with quality assistance, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Feel free to book your appointment with us directly online or contact us for more information on our unrivaled real estate media services. We look forward to hearing from you.