Real Estate Drone Photographers

Get More Attention for Your Chicago Real Estate Listings

Real Estate Drone Photography Helps You Captivate Buyers

You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your potential buyers. The best way to do that is with quality real estate photography that captures the best parts of the property that you want to show. Using real estate drone photography from FIO Creative, you can captivate buyers with the first look and draw them into a story that has them seeing themselves in a new home in no time.


What Is Real Estate Drone Photography?


Real estate drone photography allows your clients to show their home in its best light with 3D views. A drone with a high quality camera will fly over the property and get photos and videos from all angles. The drone can get wide and aerial angles that a more stationary setup won’t be able to obtain.


Why Choose Real Estate Drone Photography?


Potential buyers like photos and videos of the properties they’re looking to buy, and the more images you have for each property, the better chance there is that they’ll be interested. Ninety percent of buyers are shopping for homes online. They want to see all aspects of the home they’ll buy from the comfort of their couch.


How Drone Photography Works


FIO Creative has a process that makes real estate drone photography easy for you and your Chicago clients. The steps are simple:


  • First, choose a few dates and times that work for your clients and then use our online booking tool to pick a time that’s right for them.
  • Your clients will need to prep their home before it can be photographed for a real estate listing. Once you book your appointment, we will send you our guide that has specific steps that you can use to help your clients prepare their home for real estate drone photography.
  • Once your client’s home has been photographed, you can use the resulting media everywhere you promote your listings and boost your client’s properties. Watch your listings gain more interest and attention with the photographs and videos from your session.


The drone photography session lasts approximately 90 minutes, with video shoots taking longer. The photos are then touched up by our editors according to your client’s needs, and most photos are delivered by 5pm the next business day after the shoot.


Our staff does travel outside of Chicago, to Elmhurst, Naperville, and Joliet, among other cities. A travel quote will be added to your pricing in these cases, depending on how far the staff will have to go to get to your client.


The Benefits of Drone Photography


In addition to a more efficient real estate photography process, the images you get from each session will help you build your brand and tell a story about the Chicago properties you’re offering. Your media will be set apart from everyone else using stationary setups, and that gives you an edge over the competition.


Real estate drone photography gets you more angles, better media overall, is less invasive than stationary photography, and each session will go faster. You’ll be able to photograph more listings, and this gives you the advantage of more properties on the market at the same time.


When it comes to larger properties or commercial real estate drone photography, drones give you an opportunity to show the entire property in one continuous shot.


How Much Does Drone Photography Cost?


Our services have a simple pricing structure that ranges depending on the ground that needs to be covered, the amount of images needed, and the editing requested before delivery. Your clients can choose from simple photo packages, cinematic video walkthroughs with neighborhood footage (where possible), and even 3D virtual tours.


Go over your client’s budget and real estate photography needs carefully before choosing a package. Our pricing structure means no hidden costs. We will go over everything with you and your client before a contract is signed.


Why Choose FIO Creative?


Our team has full service capacity, with several photographers, videographers, and editors that will get your services completed quickly and professionally. Our founder, Tony Fiorito, has a passion for photography that he combined with a passion for architecture to build FIO Creative.


Contact FIO Creative for Real Estate Drone Photography


Every detail counts when you’re setting up your Chicago real estate listings. This is why we also offer digital twilight photos taken at dusk, virtual staging, virtual renovation, and advanced object removal to make all of your client’s listing photos the best that they can possibly be.


Contact us today to talk about which services will be best for your clients, and learn how we can create a custom package that meets all of their real estate photography needs.